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Every day, many people want to move to other places, be it local or long distance. Many businesses are also hiring moving companies for office or industrial moves. No matter what type of relocation, everyone experience similar problems. The first thing considered is the safety of their valuables. As such, the credibility should be good, if not the best. New York-Moving is one the most admirable moving companies here in New York. With our innovative moving services, many customers are satisfied with the services we give. We offer packing service as well as storage units which are vital services that customers need. Once you have New York-Moving, you will never be satisfied with other companies’ services. Our movers here at New York-Moving are all well trained from packing to lifting. We even have certified industrial movers. We also have movers who are trained to move sensitive items such pianos, art works down to porcelain vases and glasses. We take pride in our customers’ trust and satisfaction. As such, we are sure to maintain a high standard of quality of moving services. Our packing service is one of the most sought-after services. When we pack, your items are sure to arrive in your new place intact. We have developed strategies and unique boxes that will best fit to each item. Aside from that, we have a good warehouse which is clean and has a proper fumigation. It is clean and free from any pest because of regular cleaning of the storage warehouse. Moving service from us is reasonable and very affordable. Call us anytime you want and we can give you a precise estimation. With so much good stuff, you should take advantage of this opportunity to have a stress-free move. Book your move today!

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Inspired by its experience from the past, the owner founded this moving company to provide easy, fast, stress-free and affordable moving service to all people. New York-Moving has been in the industry for almost 15 years and we are still expanding and improving.



Hi guys! I just want to say a quick thank you for my move. The moving was easy and fast. You were really professional and hardworking. Have a great weekend.

-- Deborah, 41, NJ


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